Saturday, March 28, 2009

This week...

We have had the busiest week. Sunday, during church, while we were praying for her, a dear, sweet member of our church family lost her long battle with cancer. Our kind neighbors babysat the children so I could go to the visitation Monday night, and then another friend babysat the girls Tuesday so I could attend the funeral. It was a beautiful service. Christ was truly glorified and Mrs. Debby was honored. Please keep the Edwards family in your prayers.

The next day, my aunt and uncle happened to be nearby attending a funeral so I decided to pack up the girls and drive to see them. It was worth the effort. We had the best time and Uncle Burt retains his "Most fun uncle" title (I remember how much I loved him when I was a little girl). He is too funny and always has some trick up his sleeve. When I was a little girl he would say, "I see your epidermis," or warn me not to let anyone "unscrew my belly button." He is still up to his old tricks with my girls and they love it as much as I did.

Through all this Chris was preaching a revival at a sister church in the area (no white suit. . .yet) and Eli was neck deep in machine pitch baseball. The other kids and I took him to his game Tuesday night; it was really fun. His team was down 10-3 and they came back in the last inning to win 12-11. He was really excited and cute.

We are having company over tonight so I better get cleaning. Nothing motivates me to clean more than company.

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